What drives us

The name of our company has an obvious intent. This is what we imply in it:

ALL   - beneficial to all; everyone is included and involved; affects all areas of people's lives.

BETTER - improvement; growth; expansion; quality; fun; enjoyment; ease.

CENTRAL - not bound to a particular spot or person or technique but rather having a gravitational pull or vortex; implies unity and synchronicity.

All Better Central is a place where great things are set to happen. We are here to provide you with guidance to physical and emotional well-being and to set you on the path to a healthy, happy and prosperous life.


Our practitioners have versatile training and experience in health-related modalities.

Masha Levina, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, has been working in a field of nutrition for more than six years helping people to achieve and maintain healthy physical state. In her practice, Masha uses combined knowledge of Clinical Nutrition and kinesiology-based health evaluation system called Nutrition Response Testingsm. This non-invasive system of analyzing the body allows Masha to determine the underlying causes of non-optimum health. Each client receives an individualized program based on the results of his/her analysis. The program matches the exact needs of their body through diet and nutritional supplementation. The supplements used are made from concentrated foods, which provide the body with tools to repair itself, exactly as Nature intended.

Masha also uses Multidimensional Transformation   - a newly emerged consciousness technology that allows individuals and groups to experience a vibrational shift toward healthier state of being on all levels. This system focuses on shifting subconscious beliefs that hold you back, releasing energy flow blockages, expanding your consciousness, accessing healing power of mind and body, encouraging creative growth, improving overall health and wellness.

Tina Vesely is a Spiritual Medium. She offers insight and comfort to her sitters through her accurate and evidential readings. Tina also provides healing and rejuvenation as a Reiki Master. Not only does Tina share her gifts with others, but she teaches individuals how to develop their own gifts. She empowers them to make the most of their lives, through her spiritual counseling and informative workshops. To learn more about Tina, go to www.tinavesely.com

Anatoly Tsirelson, M.S.C.E. is a full time Feng Shui Consultant with more than 13 years of practical experience of creating environments that engage the senses, stimulate the intellect and renew the spirit. Feng Shui is the Chinese Art of Placement, an ancient philosophy about the relationship between humans and their environment. It is based on the principle that everything is connected and affects your well-being. Anatoly is a hands-on practitioner who changes the energy flow through repositioning of furniture, introduction of certain energy-producing objects into appropriate space, and through use or deletion of colors and textures. Under his guidance, one's home or workplace takes on new energy, harmony, and abundance, thus producing positive results in other aspects of life. To learn more about Anatoly, go to www.fengshuiart.net